A long time ago in an unfinished prelude game The Bothan Politician Yandoar and her trusty Astromech "Bucket" escaped from near certain doom in the freshly purloined Citadel Freighter "The Zippy"

As the Triumphant Twosome made their way around the galaxy they have made new friends and new enemies. The Zippy has seen new crew come and go.

The current crew consists of

The infamous winner of the Sienar Fleet Arms 500, the Talented and Socially Challenged Duros Pilot Cadam Malak.

A Mysterious and Mighty new addition, the Shistavaren Brawler Amara.

And Lastly Tak-Tik (or is it Tik-Tak?) The skillful and sometimes misguided Ewok Sniper.

The Crew of the Zippy